Close Shop Rite Wierda Park never any stock and I go elsewhere

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For approximately 10 months now every time I go to the local Shop rite they never have what I require. Simple things like Five Roses tea. When I ask an assistant they have no idea of what I am talking about, then I have to explain my needs step by step.

When I ask whether there is any Five Roses tea in the store room the employee, goes away and 5 minutes later comes back and informs me that there are boxes at the top of a stack of boxes and that it would only be taken down later in the day.

I go in to buy globes and they never have what I require in stock.

A simple thing like a loaf of low GI bread when I want to purchase a loaf or two they don't have. When I enquire about the sale I am given three different dates, every time I arrive for the sale I am informed that no the sale only starts on such and such a date.

So please just close this branch of Shop Rite then I don't have to go there hoping that I am going to find what I need, and eventually end up going somewhere else.

Review about: Most Products.

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